7+ Reasons Why Are MacBooks So Expensive (2023): The Ultimate Guide

We really know that you might be wondering why are MacBooks so expensive and that is why we made this article. There are a bunch of brands and companies available in the market but still, people love MacBooks to be in their hands and the reasons are endless from their sides.

One of the major factors behind MacBook’s popularity is its security, brand image, and provides smoothness in the workflow. This post will tell you about the numerous reasons why are MacBook so expensive among youngsters as well as millennials too.

So, what are you waiting for? Read the complete article peacefully regarding and grab the entire knowledge about this topic.

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7 Reasons Why Are MacBooks So Expensive?

Now it’s high time to know our topic and the plethora of reasons a bit closer as well as expose the fact that MacBooks are really worth buying or not. So, without any further ado, let’s start!

1. Warranty Period

The service of AppleCare is one of the factors that make it stand out of the crowd. From minimum one year to a maximum of three years of warranty is positively provided by Mac which falls under the expandable category.

The services are beyond just wear and tear matters. Apart from a power adapter, laptop, and batteries, it also helps in the situations like water spilling, dropping it from height, and theft or misplacing situations too. But yes, there are some terms and conditions that you need to read precisely before finalizing or extending the warranty period.

2. Virus Proof

A lot of people think and even it is true that MacBooks do not attract viruses as much as windows do and the reasons behind this is that Macs only produce 10 percent of the systems in the world whereas Windows has a productivity of 80 percent which also states that most of the viruses are built specially to target the larger section which is Windows.

Another main reason behind being Mac’s virus-free thing is that it has UNIX operating system which is far stronger and safer than any other windows operating system. So, MacBooks provide the safe surfing and usability without any data breach or malware attack.

3. Battery

Battery is one the main factor that people seek for whether its working from home, office, or any coffee shop and MacBooks are what most people recommend. They have very good average battery life, but this doesn’t mean all the Windows system are inferior in front of it as there is always a room for exception in every matter.

The main reason behind Mac’s powerful battery is that they have their own self-made hardware, software, and operating system as well as they use Lithium-Polymer batteries which lead to less consumption of power as well as allow the makers to increase battery life pretty effortlessly.

4. Best Display

Display size to display quality, everything matters the most as it is the major source of giving the output and where the commands are visible for multiple operations. MacBooks takes care of the touch-screen facilities that it works as well as looks premium.

From brightness, contrast to clarity and exposure everything is top-notch. The brand makes sure that they provide the best resolution, refresh rate, response rate, graphic support, and other factors that deal with the display quality.

5. Ease of Use

With MacBooks everything is quick, smooth, and effective. Even if you are new to computers still Mac makes the user interface easy to understand and work on. Because of its smoothness, it allows the user to understand the working process more seamlessly and effortlessly.

The ease of access or use is not just bounded to functioning, but it is beyond that too which includes seamless upgradation of hardware as well as sorting any issues of repair or wear and tear. The entire management works great which unburden the user from a lot of tensions and responsibilities. This is the reason why a lot of people choose MacBooks over Windows.

6. Longer lifespan

Buying a laptop is somehow a one-time investment and no one literally changes it after every couple of years. The lifespan of an average windows laptop is in between 3 to 4 years, but this is not the case with MacBooks. It has higher productivity rate as well as works longer than other laptops in the market.

The life of the average MacBook is between 6 to 7 years and even crosses 10 years too. The plus side is that MacBooks never get old or outdated as every upgradation and change can be done very quickly in it which makes any model compete with the newly launched one.

7. Premium Building

From superior chassis design to high-quality speakers and display, it takes care of every detail with appropriate precision and understanding of the needs or expectations of the users. It has a carbon fiber and aluminum body which make it lightweight, faster, and smoother in every aspect.

MacBooks have full-size keyboards which give the user more space and comfort to work. All the Apple or Mac gadgets have the best hardware as the brand used to be a hardware company before and recently shifted its focus toward software and other technologies. Last but not the least, the camera quality of MacBooks is also epic and crystal clear which is the true answer of why are MacBooks so expensive.

Conclusion: Why Are MacBooks So Expensive

There is n number of reasons why are MacBooks so expensive in the market and loved by the technology community. Other factors that make MacBooks stand out of the crowd are its high resailing value, superior functionality, seamless keyboard and touchpad, security, pairing with other Apple devices, customer services, and what not.

Even after all this, people still debate this topic and the reasons why are MacBook so expensive. Still, if you want to add any reviews, or your comments on this topic then do write them in the below-mentioned box as we love to interact with our readers.

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