Is a Gaming Laptop Good for Gaming?

If you are also wondering if a gaming laptop is good for gaming, then yes, and the reasons are endless. Anything that is made by considering a specific group into account then it is obvious that it is the best grab made for them.

When it comes to gaming laptops then they stand out of the crowd because of their new and high-tech features and facilities served to users. From design to processor everything stays top-notch and smooth for the best workflow and to avoid disappointment.

But yes, just like everything, it also has some advantages and some disadvantages about which we will talk below and also make you aware of how you should judge any gaming laptop. So, what are you waiting for? Read the entire article peacefully and get an idea of what a gaming laptop is.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Gaming Laptops

In this world, each and everything has a boon and bane and similar gaming laptops too have so let’s have a look at that now.


The advantages of buying any kind of gaming laptop are as follows:

  1. Travel-friendly Gaming

A lot of gamers prefer a complete system for their gaming experiences but if any user is also a travel-freak then gaming laptops are their deal to have hands-on. We all know that laptops are portable, lightweight, and easy to carry anywhere so without any compromises with your game time and hobbies, you can enjoy the best experiences anywhere and anytime.

With the help of multiple platforms, you can access or buy the new releases of games on your laptop and play without any lag or disappointment.

  1. Gives More Than Just Gaming

Gaming laptops are filled with the best software and hardware for the butter-like workflow so irrespective of just games, you can also do all of your puzzles or heavy work very effortlessly and seamlessly.

A normal laptop which is not made for particularly any group of people or community doesn’t have enough storage or operation management capabilities as much as a gaming laptop provides. So, whether you want to use it for any multi-task in your office or you want to play games, in both ways it gives the best experiences.

  1. Appealing Design

Gaming laptops stand out of the crowd and win everyone’s hearts simply because of their amazing and stylish manufacturing design. Gamers always like their gadgets to look appealing and catch others’ attention because their gadgets are one of the major reasons to make them feel energetic and professional while playing.

A gaming laptop has a very sleek design along with RGB lighting in its keyboard and also consists of different styles from the other competitors in the market which make them everyone’s first choice.

  1. All In One

A gaming laptop is a complete package which means you do not need to waste your time in different places just for the sake of finding the peripherals of your system. In gaming laptops, you have everything including speakers, microphones, webcam, keyboard, CPU, and whatnot which make it a portable gadget.

It saves time as well as cost by not spending the hard-earned money unnecessarily on extra devices as a gaming laptop have the highest possible software included in it by default. A system of multiple devices, first of all, looks like a wire trap or mess as well as if any wear and tear, unfortunately, takes place then the process of repairing takes way longer time than the service of any gaming laptop.

  1. Best Gaming Experience

As we all know that gaming laptops, first of all, target gamers, and hence many professional gamers prefer or use laptops over a computer and the reason behind this is the plethora of facilities it offers.

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Neither it looks like a normal laptop, nor it works like a normal laptop as it is faster, smoother, and very high-tech than that. Gaming laptops have the best graphics, battery life, keyboard, display resolutions, and processor which make them the best choice over other laptops.


After knowing about the good, now it’s high time to know about the bad and then evaluate whether gaming laptops are worth spending money on or not. So, the disadvantages are as follows:

  1. Not Cost-Effective

It costs a lot to build your own gaming PC as finding, selecting, and arranging the peripherals itself makes a long bill and creates a whole pocket. Similarly, getting a gaming laptop is also expensive as the manufacturers have to give the PC-like power in a compact device which takes premium costs.

Apart from this, giving all the required hardware and software without additional attachments of devices at cheap prices is not possible by the manufacturers which leads to somewhere similar cost of arranging a gaming PC.

  1. Issues of Overheating

In PCs, there are enough space and colling essentials like fans are available for the heat to exhaust and let the system stay cool otherwise overheating can impact the entire workflow or system management.

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But, in laptops, the entire system is compact which leads the system to overheat and make noises like any rough engine’s sound. To avoid this con, the system requires additional cooling support which is not possible in laptops and hence gives sometimes very disturbing and disappointing feelings regarding gaming laptops.

  1. Tough to Upgrade

In PCs, opening the system, taking out the part, adding the new upgrades, and closing is very easy as compared to making any upgradation in any laptop.

Whereas a laptop is a size-based gadget or device in which everything is measured and set up or layered one over another to make it a full package which is also a disadvantage as because of this no one can do any changes. Taking risks of opening it and adding the wanted upgrade can even lead to the breakage of any hardware too which is a big loss in itself.

  1. Not Worthy Keyboard And Mouse

Everything in a laptop is perfect like its hardware and software but still, there are a few drawbacks in it which include the lag of perfect click when it comes to keyboard and mouse usage.

In laptops, the keyboard is compact, the buttons are suppressed, and the touchpad is perfect only for slow work which leads to the major missing mouse. Even after being a complete pack of multiple devices in a small size, it still missed the fast workflow of the mouse.

  1. Not Good Battery Life

Gaming laptops have the best and most high-tech software which also leads to more suction of power and hence results in poorer average battery life. Most gaming laptops give 6 hours of battery life after a complete charge whereas other laptops do not even fulfill this much power support.

Because of this lag, the user needs to have long charging supports, repeated charge plugging, and even risk the battery health which can be sorted only by replacements of the battery.

Conclusion: Is a Gaming Laptop Good for Gaming?

Above we mentioned every detail regarding the pros and cons of gaming laptops which is a fair deal to explain if gaming laptops are good for gaming or not. If you are a travel freak and a gamer at the same point, then buying a gaming laptop is all you needed.

For people who take gaming as a hobby and love to play anywhere and anytime, then having this will make them feel complete for sure. ASUS is one of the merging brands that is acting in the field of gaming laptops. To help you more on this topic, we also have written other posts which you can read and get a clearer vision of this.

Hope you liked the article and still if you have any other queries or suggestions, then do let us know in the comment section below as we will love to bail you out from any sort of mess.

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