7 Ways to make your old Laptops Faster (tech tips 2023)

How to make your old Laptops Faster? Laptops have become an important part of people’s lives in today’s time. Be it office or work from home, you have to deal with them every day. Many people also use laptops for personal use. Many times a lot of problems have to be faced when the laptop is slow.

If your laptop is slow or takes a long time to open and close, then this report is for you. In this report, we are going to give you some great tips, with the help of which you can improve the speed and performance of your laptop at home. In this article, we discuss 7 Ways to make your old laptops faster. So if you want to speed up your laptop then follow these tips.

How to make your old Laptops faster

1. Upgrade the RAM

RAM play’ a very crucial role in systems, if your laptop has only 4GB RAM then you need to expand your RAM minimum of 8GB.

2. Update drivers

Always Up-to-date with your systems drivers, sometimes these drivers also can cause performance issues in your system.

3. Install Windows update

Microsoft keeps on releasing updates for Windows OS from time to time. Most of the users ignore these updates because of the large downloading size of the updates.

However, it is not right to do so. These updates come with important security and performance patches for the laptop. When you feel that the update is stable, then the OS should be updated.

4. Adjust visual effects

Turn off unnecessary animations and graphic tasks, try this and you definitely get to see improvement in your laptop speed.

5. Clean up the laptop

Cleaning the laptop’ motherboard and fan are very effective, it can improve airflow and vents and prevent your laptop and processor from overheating issue.

6 Run a virus scan

Using free anti-virus and anti-malware is not wrong, but not all security features are available in it. There are many companies that provide you with their paid version. It will always be better for you to invest in them. You will find some anti-virus equipped with security features between Rs 150-500.

7. ‘Reset’ is the last resort

This is the last resort. Resetting any system removes the data and apps present in it. This brings the system to the factory default stage. This means that the laptop reaches the same stage as when you used it for the first time. This kills the virus/malware present in the system.

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