How to Choose a Laptop for Video Editing

Nowadays everyone needs good video editing, but depending on video editing skills they can be categorized from beginner level to extremely high level.

So in this emerging trend of video editing, people get confused while selecting a laptop, as you need to consider many factors and specifications while choosing a good laptop for video editing.

In this article, we will solve all your queries or confusion regarding selecting a video editing laptop that would be best for you according to your needs and your skills. Basically, video editing is all about creativity, so you put your all creativity here, with the help of using many different video editing software.

As there are many different kinds of video editing software, some are basically very easy to use and some have very difficult usage. So all it depends upon the person’s creativity and skills. The software also plays important role in choosing as every software requires different specifications, for example, FCP – Final cut pro is basically a Mac(Apple) software which is commonly used and another famous and mostly used is Adobe Premiere Pro, so software also plays an important role while choosing it. Other famous video editing software is Adobe After Effects, Filmora, etc.

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Specifications also change when you choose in what resolution you are editing whether it is 1080 or 4k or more. Because of the more high resolution more specifications will be needed.

People often go for gaming laptops while purchasing them for video editing as most of the specs are the same, but when your main field is video editing you should see the factors that are affecting you while using different video editing software.

So the main question is how to judge or choose them for video editing, don’t worry we will help you by letting you know which factors you need to choose them.

The following factors are the main specifications you need to have in your laptop:-


The processor is the main part of the laptop. It is also known as the CPU for the laptop. As all the workload comes on the processor, the processor needs to be stronger while editing you need to work on many software, sometimes there is more than one software in your laptop that creates an interruption in the workflow or makes the workflow slower. Your Processor needs to be better as, video editing definitely depends on the playback, rendering, and export.

So all of these tasks must have a smooth flow for all these processors must be good. The processor must have at least 4 cores and threads which makes the processor more powerful. Both the processor Inter and Ryzen are better in my opinion expert editing needs at least a 7th generation processor and also M1 chip processor of Mac (Apple) is also best for video editing.


Memory is the second most important thing while doing video editing as while editing we need a good amount of storage raw data is also needed to be handled and edited data is also kept safe for backup. We can say that laptop has 2 memory that is short-term memory and long-term memory. Short-term memory is known as RAM also known as Random access memory, the more RAM will be the faster will work the laptop. Video editing software needs more RAM than the usual software.

If you are editing on 1080p resolution then 8 GB RAM is enough but you can prefer more and if on 4k you must go for 16 GB RAM and more. You can also extend RAM from the market as there is an extra slot. Talking about its long-term memory which can be SSD and HDD where information is stored permanently. For best video editing prefer 512 GB SSD with 1 TB hard disk as more space is needed to store the data.

Graphic Card:

The graphic card also plays an important part in video editing, as after processor and memory we need a graphic card for it but not that much necessary, which requires in gaming. A graphic card helps give the best playback and rendering time saves a lot of time. 4 GB or 8 GB graphic is good for video editing.


So basically, these three are the main points for the selection of a video editing laptop. while selecting it you must check this laptop whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Thank you for reading this article, if you have any queries you can comment down.

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