Canon launches 16 new printers simultaneously with affordable printing, know the price

New Delhi: Canon India has simultaneously introduced its 16 new advanced printers in the Indian market. The company has launched the new Pixma, Maxify, and ImageClass series printer series in India. These printers have been introduced with advanced features along with good print quality and exceptional efficiency.

The company claims that with these printers, users will also get the facility of highly creative, high print yield, and economical printing.

Canon Printer Price

The company said that the starting price of these printers is Rs 10,325. Canon has introduced the new Pixma, Maxify, and ImageClass series. These printers can be purchased from April 1.

Canon Printer Features & Specs

Canon’s new printer has been equipped with many advanced features. The Pixma series of printers maximize production with high print yield and cost-effective printing, the company said. The Mexify GX Series lineup of printers delivers affordable printing and water-resistant printouts with a refillable ink tank system.

The company said that these printers can be a good option for small and medium businesses to get maximum production profit.

Manabu Yamazaki, President, and CEO, of Canon India, said, “We are excited to introduce 16 new state-of-the-art printers in India that offer users a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and cost-efficiency. is based on a long legacy of innovation and customer delight.”

These printers provide the facility of high-speed printing. Users will be able to print 29 per minute. The printer offers auto-duplex printing and compact size. According to the company, ImageClass laser printers are designed to boost production.

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