Can Laptop Processor be changed? Let’s Find out

Here is one of the most common quarries of all time can laptop processors be changed? So here we are to discuss it. laptop processor or CPU helps the laptop to work. so getting a more powerful processor can help your laptop to work fast and complete its tasks in less time the best speed a processor can provide is between 3.5 to 4.2 GHz.

Now a day’s laptops have processor within motherboards which make it hard to change, the motherboard is called the backbone of the laptops which combines all the components and parts in one place like CPU, GPU, hard drives, etc. so that they can interact with each other it makes it difficult to change or upgrade processor it can be replaced.

If the manufacturer has designed the laptop after keeping CPU upgradation in mind some manufacturers do provide a list of compatible CPUs for the laptop you can also replace it with the same manufacturer CPUs upgraded version if your device supports for example if your laptop has core i5 then it can be replaced with core i7 CPU if upgrade option is available.

Can Laptop Processor be changed

Steps for upgradation in the laptop processor:-

  • firstly check if the upgrade option is available
  • check the motherboard socket if the processor can be replaced
  • back up your data to prevent data loss
  • use tools such as CPUz which shows information about the motherboard and processor
  • purchase a processor compatible with your laptop board

Sum up

So overall laptop processors can be only replaced or upgraded if the manufacturer provides the option and support for upgradation otherwise in most laptops it is not possible to change.

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